The Lynx is getting ready to prowl our Northern Rails! But …

Photo (Fundraising)

Our NortheastLynx plan for the restoration of the Ontario Northland Railway’s passenger trains from Cochrane to Temagami, North Bay and Toronto is nearing completion. Our work to date has already been shared with numerous provincial, municipal, First Nations and railway leaders, who like the looks and lines of our stealthy kitty and eagerly await its arrival.

However, our NortheastLynx plan has been more complex than anticipated. Its development has required considerably more experienced, professional input than originally expected to make it purr-fect. We are very close, but we’re not quite there yet.

To get our Lynx to its destination, we are requesting assistance from all those Northeastern Ontarians who need and will make good use of the trendsettingly affordable rail passenger and connecting Lynx Cub bus services we are outlining in detail in the NortheastLynx plan. Our Lynx will not only generate substantial benefits right across its full route, it will also be applicable to other rail lines that now inadequately serve Ontarians in other parts of this great province.

If our Lynx is to be properly fed and groomed to win the approval we envision for it, then please help support it by donating to All Aboard Northern Ontario’s NortheastLynx campaign today.


Poster - Fundraising

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